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No parent wants to hear that their child is in trouble for being a bully at school or other social settings. If this is the case with your child, here are some tips to help you assess and address the situation. The good news is that kids can unlearn bullying behaviors, and you can help them change their ways.

Recognize and identify the behavior

It is important that parents acknowledge the bully behavior their child is involved in and try not to push blame on someone or something else. Parents should talk to their child and work with them to find the source of their child’s anger. Is there something happening at school or at home that could be influencing their behavior. Once the root of their issues have been identify they should work with their parents to resolve. In some cases, the issue maybe more than a parent can handle and they should seek professional help.

Be clear with the consequences of bullying

Be very clear that bullying is not okay and under any circumstance it will not be tolerated. Be specific about what will happen if your child continues to bully classmates or other kids in the neighborhood.

Work with your child’s school

Bring in your child’s school counselor, principal and teacher to help you.  By working together as a team you will be most successful.

Help your child by building social and emotional skills

Parents should work to instill empathy and compassion to help your child understand the power of their words and actions.

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