Children as young as two years old are already wired. They have been exposed to and understand the power of technology, using their parent’s mobile phone to play games, read books, be entertained and educated. Technology is changing the early childhood education learning process as well because more children with more exposure to technology are entering our classrooms.

If parents are not sure or cannot afford preschool, today 38 states offer free, voluntary preschool learning programs and nearly *1.6 million low-income families receive assistance from the federal Child Care Development Fund to pursue early childhood education. Research has proven that students who start their formal education experience, even one year earlier than Kindergarten, fare better long term in their academics.

Here’s how technology is transforming our youngest students:

  • Computers and iPads in the Classroom: More classrooms and study labs provide electronic devices for children to explore, play and create as part of their learning experience, even as young as Kindergarten and preschool.
  • It’s not rudimentary learning: By the time a large majority of preschool-aged children enter the classroom, they have already been exposed to mobile and wi-fi technology and have experienced games, videos, and other virtual activities online. They have an increased knowledge of how to engage and interact with a device or a software program to create a multi-media learning experience.
  • Programming for Preschoolers: Even kids as young as 5-7 are now learning programming in school. ScratchJris an introductory programming language that enables young children to create their own interactive stories and games.
  • Listening Devices: Digital players allow preschool children to listen to songs or books as group or wear headphones for private listening.
  • Recording Devices: Teachers are using digital cameras and videos to help explain projects, “how-to” films, or other recordings that they can share with parents and that kids can refer to when they are away from the classroom.

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*Source: Education Advocate