It’s the start of a new school year and the perfect time for the family to gather around the dinner table and discuss their plans for giving back during the school year. Little kids love to help so why not start them early. Dedicating time and community support during the school year is something we believe in at Zoonicorn.

We know the important role teachers and daycare professionals have in our family lives and the importance of taking time to do something that supports our care community is good thing. Here are a few family ideas to help make a difference in your school and develop passionate and caring kids.

Get the Family Involved. Even at very modest levels giving back teaches kids about the importance of becoming contributing to their communities. And when children learn by doing, they are far more likely to carry on their family’s philanthropic traditions.

Volunteer Time: Sometimes the most valuable thing we can give is our time. Parents can make a goal to volunteer even a few hours of their time to the kids’ school or daycare each month. This could include anything from supervising kids at recess to helping the teacher clean, disinfect or organize the classroom.

Teacher Appreciation. Teachers work hard throughout the year. You don’t have to wait for the holidays, Teacher Appreciation Days, or the end of the school year to give thanks. It can be as simple as surprising your child’s teacher with an uplifting note, a snack or even a homemade gift to show how much you appreciate them. Create a list of simple and unexpected things you and your child could do for their teacher throughout the year.

Collect Box Tops. One of the easiest ways Zoonicorn team members have given back is through Box Tops for Education. It’s just one small way a parent can contribute to a lifetime of learning. It’s easy. General Mills® products have a box top coupon on their packaging that parents can cut and submit to their school (because each box top is worth 10 cents for your school). Almost 100,000 schools participate in this program and today, America’s schools have earned over $868 million and used for books, computers, playground equipment, and more. You can find Box Tops on hundreds of products throughout the grocery store and online. (Source: General Mills)

Donate School Supplies. Did you know that many teachers and childcare professionals pay for school supplies out of pocket?  Everyday items like paper and pencils are always in high demand, and a teacher’s annual stipend for supplies rarely lasts longer than the first month or two of the school year. The next time you’re at your local office supply store, grab some basics for your child’s classroom.

Do you have any tips for helping a family develop a giving plan and Ideas that your family does to improve your school? Share your advice by commenting here or head to our Zoonicorn’s Facebook page to join the conversation.