School is out for summer. That means the kids are home, if they’re like the kids from our Zoonicorn families, they’re looking for something to do to earn some extra cash. Here’s a list of Zoonicorn money-making ideas that our kids are doing to make the cash the need.

Mom-Helper: This job allows our oldest kids to help us around the house. We have them doing projects and tasks, such as watching the other kids in the family while we’re writing our blogs and other Zoonicorn business projects. We have them help the younger kids put away their toys and clean their rooms, with arts and crafts, and getting them down for their mid-day naps. These tasks help everyone in the family get extra chores around the house completed before they set off to play outdoors.

Lemonade Stand: This is a summer neighborhood favorite. Depending upon your local municipality, your kids could open a lemonade stand near your family yard. We work with our kids and create a pop-up stand that they can open during peak days and times. The kids have had big success (sales) over the weekends or later in the day when families are outside playing. They also have set up the pop-up lemonade stand during our annual garage sale (or when neighbors nearby are having one) and then again when our neighborhood has a block party or holiday celebration party.

Neighborhood Dog Walker + Pet Sitter: Our neighborhood is full of working parents and families eager to go on a summer getaway. In the summer our kids provide dog walking, playing and pet-sitting services. Depending on the families need, they will walk dogs around the neighborhood and play a few rounds of catch to keep Fido happy during the day. Many neighbors go on summer vacations, so a pet sitting service is great. It requires some responsibility, but it’s low-key. Before your kids start a dog walking or pet sitting service, they need to get to know the family, the pet, and have been shown that they can be responsible for such a precious family member. If they are going to walk the dog, make sure they keep them on their leash and have cleanup supplies available.

Yard Work: Who wouldn’t like some help in the yard. Hiring your kids to help with weekly yard work is a great way to get them interested in gardening while getting them outside and earning cash at the same time. As our kids have become more interested in yard-beautification (a fancy way to say yard work), they have expanded their services – weeding, watering, lawn mowing (for the older kids) – to houses in our neighborhood.

Kids Only Garage Sale: Kids grow up fast. They have a lot of clothing, toys, books, and sports equipment that don’t fit or that they no longer play with. Work with them to create a “Kids Only” garage sale where everything in the sale are kid-related items. Post the garage sale on local neighbor websites, your Facebook page and other free event sharing sites and locations (your local Starbucks) to increase awareness. Tease the garage sale in advance by showing some of the things that will be available for purchase. Consider including a lemonade stand idea (above). A kid’s only garage sale with a lemonade stand is a financial win-win for your kids.

We all agree that kids deserve to have a fun-filled summer, so the recommendations we put together are designed to be short-term commitments that will allow kids to make money without feeling as though they’ve given up their entire summer. What summer jobs did you do when you were younger? What will your kids be doing to earn a little extra cash? Join the conversation over on our Facebook page.