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It’s hard not to enjoy the quiet of kid screen time on a long drive. Or, while cooking dinner or when guests are visiting. You get the picture.  There are so many instances where a screen helps quiet the house, it’s easy for parents to turn to the iPad for kids.

An article in the Guardian cited that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) still recommends a maximum of one hour of “high-quality programming” for children under six.  But now for kids older than six, they recommend “consistent limits,” but focus more on the quality of the screen time than the quantity. And more importantly, that parents are playing and watching together.

There are so many new apps for kids, especially young kids even five an under. Macworld listed a few this year.

Bloom helps young kids experiment with sound. They tap the screen to hear a note. Notes then loop and soon kids have created a musical composition. They say even a two-year old can figure it out.

Laugh and Learn Shapes and Colors Music Show for Baby is a new Fisher Price apps with two simple games. On one babies tap to hear the names of shapes and see the shapes bounce around the screen. And for the other, the shape tapped has its own song to hear.

Peak-a-Zoo helps kids learn about animals, actions and learn how to pick up on details. The game gives clues about the loveable zoo animals on what’s happening with questions like “Who is trying to hide?” “Who is winking?” or “Who is dressed up?”

SquiggleFish combines drawing, art and iPads, where kids draw fish and then they magically come to life!

Shape Gurus offer an interactive story that also challenges children to complete shape-focused puzzles.

There are tons of fun coloring apps for kids and books to experience on mobile devices and never underestimate kids’ abilities to create actual videos with easy apps like iMovie. While it’s good for parents to be watchful and careful, the AAP says that use of digital and social media can give kids exposure to new ideas and knowledge. Slightly older kids today are learning about current news and events from apps like Snapchat.

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