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Most states require 180 days of student instruction, which means 180 snack and lunch meals need to be planned. And daycares seem to serve snacks all the time. Seems daunting, right? Don’t panic, our team at Zoonicorn put together some great tips and ideas on how you and your kids can eat healthy snacks and lunch meals in ways that protect our environment.

  • Veggie packs. Have your child pick out all their favorite veggies. Wash, cut and store them in easy-to-grab containers for their lunches. Have the kids help you make them up ahead of time for stress-free mornings. You can prepare a whole week of staples as a fun Sunday activity.
  • Hard-boil a bunch of eggs at the beginning of the week that the kids can add to their lunch box.
  • Consider adding pre-packaged snacks like Sabra Hummus with pretzels or fresh blueberries ready to snack from Naturipe.
  • Make sandwiches fun by using cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into fun shapes. The bonus with this tip is that if you have kids, like we do, who don’t like to eat the crust – problem solved. Everyone wins.
  • A staple in our office is peanut butter. If you and your kids love it too, create a lunch with different things (pretzels, apples, celery, chips, and even a banana) that they can dip into their peanut butter.
  • Embrace leftovers. Use leftovers from dinner for lunches the next day. Use a thermos to keep foods hot or cold.
  • Consider purchasing a lunch box with divided compartments to help you organize their lunches and make sure you have all the key food groups represented.



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Source: Family Education