It’s that time of year. Our kids are back at school or close to it, and it can get expensive, even for the preschool and kindergarten crew. Between a long list of school requests and fees tied to almost every activity your child wants to “try,” the budget for clothes can get tight. We surveyed our Zoonicorn staff and we came up with these six tips on how you can maximize your back-to-school clothes budget.

  1. Inventory Your Kid’s Closet: At an age when kids are in a new size every year, sort through and decide which ones you can stretch to the next year.
  2. Develop a Shopping List: Before you head out to your favorite stores, make sure you create a list of all the fall school items you need. Like food shopping while hungry, studies show that people who shop without a list (or hungry) pay as much as 23 percent more than those who make a list.
  3. Focus on the Basics: While yoga or sweat pants are easy for kids, extendable legged jeans made with some stretch material (no zipper for the little ones of course) should be a staple for both boys and girls. A couple pairs of basic jeans can be dressed up or down and create an infinite number of outfits.
  4. Follow your Favorite Retailers: Starting in July through September retailers post special in-store and online deals that you can take advantage of just by following them on their social media sites. By signing up on rewards programs, you can see even more savings.
  5. Clothing Swap: Gather up your friends with kids of different ages and sizes and host a clothing swap. If a clothing swap with friends isn’t feasible, check Facebook to find local Swip Swap Many towns and neighborhoods have Swip Swap groups for selling and trading everything from clothing to furniture, and beyond.


How are you maximizing your back-to-school clothes shopping budget? Share your ideas and shopping tips to make the most of your budget on our Facebook page.