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FOMO “Fear of Missing Out” is a real current-day phenomenon that our children (and adults too) face. Not being connected to a mobile phone, tablet or computer may give some family members anxiety and that they’re missing something. They feel not being connected to the latest posts, photos, tweets or chats is negatively impacting their social and personal life. You, as a parent or family caretaker, can’t let things be that way. If you are one of the millions of parents who want to change the way, the time, and how your family engages with technology, we have a few tips for you:

  1. Limit Screen Time: Setting limitations on the amount of time we’re spending with our noses buried in our devices is crucial to a healthy experience with technology. To prevent kids spending too much time on their mobile devices, parents need to establish limits on the amount of time, and appropriate times of the day kids are allowed access to their devices. Set mandatory times to unplug as a family, not just the kids. This will make your kids (and you) less reliant and dependent on their devices, and families have reported longer, more meaningful, quality time together.
  2. Anti-Media Bedrooms: Keep media devices out of everyone’s bedroom. It is easier to understand the amount of time your children are spending time watching TV, playing video games, using the computer and texting when you can see them. Set rules that all media are to be only used in certain rooms. It also helps you control (and see) what your children are watching.
  3. Set Parent Controls: To prevent your children from making online purchases that are direct-billed to the account holder, such as ringtones, downloads, applications and games, set parent control on your devices to prevent them from purchasing online or accessing inappropriate content.
  4. FamilyTime App: You want to understand how much time and what your kids are doing online, there’s an app for that. FamilyTime is a parental control app that lets parents monitor and manage their kids’ tech use. It lets you:
    1. Monitor device use: Using the app, you can look what your kids do with their devices, what apps they use, who are they in contact with, and their browsing history.
    2. Blacklist Installed Apps: Once you monitor, you can analyze their device usage and then block the addicted apps especially during the family time. For analysis, FamilyTime app generates the app usage frequency report that shows time spent on each app.
    3. Remotely Lock the Phone: Along with monitoring, the app lets you have control over your kids’ device. You can always lock their smartphones to restrict screen time during family gatherings, meals, or other important family times. Once you lock the phone, you will receive an activation code which will need to be entered in the child up for the phone to work again.

Smartphones, tablets, iPods, and other Wi-Fi devices should be used in moderation for both kids and adults. As a family, there should be pre-determined rules and defined family expectations to ensure that families priority it to be present and technology is given a secondary role.

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