First day of school has already commenced for most kids and that means the wonderful lackadaisical days we’ve had Stress and School Kidsfor the last three months are done and hectic school schedules are the future. For many families this can mean an increase in stress for your kids, and for you.  Here are some very practical tips (even for little kids) that you can apply to your family to help you reduce the stress as you transition back to school.

  • Have them ask for Help: This can be hard for some students, but it will definitely reduce stress if they seek support from teachers, friends in class, and family when they don’t understand the subject matter or assignment.
  • Organize clutter: As you get your child ready for school it’s time to organize the physical clutter. This means organizing their room, closets and clothing drawers, desk and/or study area. If these areas are cluttered in can increase stress hormones in the bloodstream and increase the anxiety that he or she feels (and you too). It’s time to tidy up. Get your kids involved and get their spaces – and yours – clean by putting away things, organization closets to easily find things in the morning and create a positive work space for homework and studies.
  • Make a study schedule: Going back to school means homework, even for young children. This can be stressful for students and the best way to reduce this stress is to write things down. Help them so they don’t keep all their assignments and deadlines in their heads. Use an online or traditional paper calendar to outline all the upcoming deadlines and tests and review them often to make sure they will be prepared and ready to succeed.
  • Take a break: All work and no play isn’t good for anyone. Allow your kids time to step away from studies to do something they enjoy. This break will revive them. It will clear their heads, reduce stress, and give them the energy and motivation they need to get back to completing homework and studies.

Going back to school can be stressful but just take it one day at a time and you and your kids will have a successful school year. What tips have you found to be helpful to reduce stress? Post your tips and ideas on our Facebook page.