DIY Zoonicorn Halloween2

Get crafty this Halloween and create a magical alternative this.

This year, let’s skip spooky and go straight for magical. Here is a Zoopendous guide as to how to create your own Zoonicorn costume. From head to tail, your little one will look enchanting!

Materials Needed:



Tulle Rolls – Blue, Teal, Pink, Purple



Headband – White

Hot Glue Gun

Seven Silk Flowers

Felt – White & Pink

White Thread



Skirt Directions

  1. Measure your child’s waist and add at least an extra foot of ribbon.
  2. Measure the distance from the waist to the length of where you’d like the skirt to fall, then double that length and add an inch.
  3. Depending on how full you’d like the skirt to be, cut approximately 70 to 100 strips – Placement & Fullness
  4. Take a strip of tulle, fold in half the long way creating a “U” shape. Place behind the ribbon then pull the ends through creating a knot. Repeat alternating colors.

DIY Zoonicorn Halloween3

Headband Directions

  1. Cut out a wide triangle shape without the tip. Be sure not to cut it too thin, you’ll end up with a skinny horn otherwise.
  2. Roll the felt into a cone then apply the hot glue gun. Hold in place until dry.
  3. Take the stuffing and stuff the horn but be sure not to stuff too tightly.
  4. Place a dot of hot glue and thread at the tip of the horn. Hold until dry.
  5. Wrap the thread around the horn until you reach the bottom. Secure with glue applying at each fold until the horn with thread is securely shut.
  6. Once dry glue the horn to the headband and fold underneath. Hold until dry.
  7. To create the ears, fold the white felt cutting out 1-½” tall tear drop shapes with half an inch stem. Wrap around headband and glue the edges together. Then for the inner part of the ears take the pink felt and cut out ¾” tall rounded diamonds. Secure with glue to the white felt. Repeat twice.
  8. Finally, add the silk flowers or other accessories like gemstones to the front of the headband securing each one with glue. Get creative here! After all, Zoonicorns are all unique and special creatures, let that personality show!

DIY Zoonicorn Halloween