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Kids are back to school and the last thing you want to hear them say in the early morning hours as you’re preparing their lunch… “Not this again, Tommy’s mom makes better lunches for him!” We know, we’ve been there. So we requested the help from some of Zoonicorn’s staffer kids to give us some lunchtime ideas that are easy to make and that most kids will love.

  • Pretzel Twists Sandwich. Okay, we’ll admit, we had to do a little research on this lunchtime meal. Pretzel Twists are when you take two pretzels and add a
    Lunchtime fun food ideas

    Photo credit: She Knows

    filling between them to create little mini sandwiches. Filling ideas include peanut butter or hummus. These salty snacks are easy to make, convenient to pack and eat.

  • Uncrustables Sandwich. We are not sure why kids don’t like to eat the crust on their sandwiches, but that is a lunchtime trend. What’s really hot is when you use a sandwich crust cutter that has a cool design. Yes, the sandwich still maybe peanut butter and jelly – but now it’s a PB&J cut out in the shape of a bat. When we drilled down the question to favorite type of sandwiches they’d eat at lunchtime we heard: 1. PB&J, 2. Egg Salad, Turkey and even breadless meat and cheese “sandwich.” Kids, go figure!
  • Hot lunch. Most parents think a “hot lunch” has to come from the cafeteria. Think again. Pack a thermos of their favorite soup and toppings on the side – goldfish crackers, grated cheese, or a piece of bread for dipping. As the weather gets colder, having a hot lunch will really hit the spot.
  • Keep it interesting. Add some fun to their lunch. On a big test day, write a note of encouragement. On a special holiday, make the lunch themed. For example, with Halloween coming up we found a fun idea from Bento Lunch. The cheese for the sandwich is shaped like a house and a bat, and the rickety fence is made of carrots. Add seasonal picks and ta da, something special when your child sits down for lunch.

They’re pretty easy to make and we have a pretty good hunch that your kids will love them too. Do you have a favorite lunchtime meal that your kids love? Join the conversation on our Facebook page.