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The Fourth of July is just around the corner and it’s time to make some fun, festive decorations with you kids. Here are four great Fourth of July decorations you can do at home.

American Flag Hand Pring Heart Art

Pink Stripey Socks created this fun way to express your love for America. It’s easy for everyone in your family to make. You will need red, white and blue paint and a piece of paper (reuse a paper grocery bag or colorful art paper).

  1. Simply paint your left and right hands as noted in the photo.
  2. Use the lines on your hands as guides for how wide the red and white stripes should be.
  3. Don’t paint the stars on your right hand – because it gets too messy. Add the stars after you’ve made the prints.
  4. Press hands down to make a heart.
  5. Press one hand at a time – it’s easier.
  6. Press firmly on each finger and palm to ensure adequate contact between your hand and the paper

Click for detailed instructions on this kid-friendly Fourth of July DIY project

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Spark-less Sparklers

Today’s parents are not interested in handing their small kids sparklers (aka fire sticks), so the team at Merriment Design created this super cool sparkler that will keep the spirit of Fourth of July fun for everyone.

Here’s what you need: unused pair of wooden chopsticks, white ¾” electrical tape, Grosgrain ribbon in red, white and blue and in various widths and lengths, foil fringe multi-color party garland, and scissors.

  1. Cut the Grosgrain ribbon to make the sparks.
  2. Unroll the foil party garland.
  3. Cut 1 to 1 ½ inches of silver, blue and red strips, keeping the connected base intact.
  4. Bundle the cut Grosgrain ribbon with the cut party garland, make sure the ends are even.
  5. Attach sparks to your wand (the chopsticks).
  6. Grab your white electrical tape and starting at the ribbon end, wrap the electrical tape around the chopstick wand to the bottom.

Cut the electrical tape and let the Fourth of July celebrations begin. Click for step-by-step instructions.


Flags for the Fourth: Now this is a fun project from Make and Takes that kids of all ages will want to do.

What you’ll need: watercolors, brushes, water, paper plates, white coffee filters (optional), newspaper or cutting board and scissors.

  1. Take your paper plates and white coffee filters and start painting.
  2. Leave some areas plain for the white to be seen.
  3. Some colors can run and bleed through to the other colors in your lines. Go easy on the water if you don’t want them to mix.
  4. Let them dry for a couple of hours.
  5. Leave your plate and coffee filter designs whole or cut them in half for a fun decorative look.

When ready, hang your display on a wall, fence or garage door for everyone to enjoy. If you like this idea, click for the instructions.

Fourth of July Luminaries

Before the fireworks start, illuminate your backyard with these Fourth of July themed luminaries. You will need a paintbrush, glue, sparkly sequins and glass containers.

  1. Gather some glass jars from your recycling bin (empty spaghetti or pickle jars).
  2. Cover the jars with glue.
  3. Sprinkle sequins until you’re happy with the design and creation.
  4. Let the jars dry.
  5. Place a battery-operated tea light into the jar.

Click for detailed instruction from the girls at Fantastic Fun and Learning.


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