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The dog days of summer are quickly approaching and if you’re like us, heating up the house at dinner time isn’t something we like to do. We tasked our four Zoonicorn pals to find a tasty summer meal they think our blog readers, and their kids, would enjoy eating at dinnertime.

Upside Down Taco BlowEasy dinners1

Promi loves Mexican food and found this simple, easy-to-make taco that isn’t your ordinary taco. It’s filled with lots of veggies, protein, and of course some tortilla chips.

  • Vegetables: Start with shredded coleslaw mix from the grocery store and dress it quickly with lime juice, oil, and spices.
  • Meat: Make pulled pork or carnitas and stash in the freezer for meals like this. Or buy a pound of carnitas from your local grocery store or taco cart.
  • Extras: Black beans add a filling dose of flavor and fiber. Again, raid your freezer or just use canned beans. Don’t forget to wash the beans and add the avocado and the tortilla chips!

Caprese Pasta

Capreses SaladEasy. Pasta. Cheese. A trio combination that Valeo loves. The ingredients for this pasta is simple, but don’t let a few ingredients fool you. This dish packs big, fresh flavor. This recipe includes an easy, light tomato sauce you’ll make in a skillet, with plenty of garlic for flavor. After adding the cooked pasta to the skillet, you’ll stir in a little bit of the pasta cooking water along with olive oil, salt, pepper and Parmesan cheese.

Everything mixes together, and the pasta gets coated with the sauce. Stir in the fresh mozzarella and basil and dinner is done! Click to download this recipe on Kristine’s Kitchen blog.

Cutting Board Dinner

Aliel likes to keep things easy. Just assemble five to seven of your family’s favorite snacks — salami, crackers, olives, hummus, baby carrots — and let everyone mix and match until every tummy is full. Easy to make and easy to clean up so that you can get back to summer.board dinner


Mediterranean Tuna Lettuce Wraps

Ene loves anything green. A family favorite is the Mediterranean Tuna Lettuce Wraps. This is a Simple, healthy, no-cook dinner idea. Recipe features chickpeas, olives, feta cheese, tomatoes in a Dijon  lemon vinaigrette. Get the recipe here.

tuna lettuce wraps