47801825 - two kids using tablet pc under blanket at night

We know that getting a child to sleep at night can be a herculean task for parents. We did an informal interview of our Zoonicorn employees with young children to come up with the best and easiest tips they’ve use to help get their child to fall asleep. Check these out…you might find them very useful.

  • Create and stick with a bedtime routine. Most kids prefer a routine and creating a bedtime routine will help them get prepared each night for bed. Set a time to start turning off all stimulating activities (shut down the TV, turn off the Smartphone, and put away iPads and other electronic devices). Invite your child to help with preparing for bath time. Pick out the PJ’s, load up the toothbrush, pick out a book for story and quiet time. As this becomes part of their evening routine the process of getting your child to bed will become easier for the entire family.
  • Turn off electronics two hours prior to bedtime. Some children need more time to wind down from the activities of the day. Shut down all the electronic devices and enjoy some quiet for a longer pre-bedtime relaxation routine. This is the perfect time to read to your child, or give your child some space so they can start relaxing and quieting down.
  • Make sure your child is comfortable. Make sure clothing and blankets do not restrict movement and the bedroom temperature is not too warm or too cold.
  • Monsters under the bed? Make sure the room is dark and quiet. If a child does not like a totally dark room, add a nightlight and give them a water bottled filled with anti-monster spray to comfort kids who tend to get scared of the dark or have nightmares.
  • A child may have anxiety being alone in their room. We recommend a personal object, like one of their Zoonicorn friends, to give a sense of security and reassurance.

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