Zoonicorn began with an idea to create a unique, plush toy for children that would be a combination of an exotic animal (zebra) and mythical creature (unicorn). We also wanted to create a children’s book to go with the character which would be educational for kids and entertaining for adults.

We discussed our initial idea with many people and received a lot of positive feedback. After several revisions, we achieved the exact look and feel of our vision for Zoonicorn. That’s when our four characters were born.

People immediately fell in love with the concept.

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Valeo is the oldest of the Zoonicorns and a natural-born leader. He can access super powers to manipulate the Zooniverse through his horn, which when it glows gives him the strength to move, mold and maneuver anything. He sure likes giving orders, but isn’t as good at taking them. Valeo is athletic and loves to show off, but sometimes he can be a bit too competitive. He’s willing to help those in need and his bravery can see him through almost any situation as he is always the first to head into the dark hole or jump into the water to rescue a young animal friend. His favorite thing in the whole Zooniverse is strawberry ice cream, especially when it’s in a cone.


Promithea has a warm and kind personality and is a friend to all. Promi, as she is most-often called, is very smart, yet loves being a girly-girl. Since she gets along with everyone, she is usually the organizer of events big and small. At the first glow of her graceful horn, she can create something out of nothing by bringing together all the right characters at the right time. She sometimes cares a bit too much about her appearance; especially her mane. She is always patient and understanding, but is very headstrong and likes to do everything her way. Seeing or receiving lilies is the best way to make her smile, but keep the bugs, mainly spiders, away from her at all times.


Aliel is active, perky and excited about everything and your friend from the moment you meet. With the golden glow of her horn, Aliel can share her thoughts with the other Zoonicorns, so she is the super communicator and the glue of the group. But she does love to talk, so you may have a tough time getting a word in. If there are new flowers in a field or a bird is warbling an unusual tune, Aliel will be the one to tell you about it. Sometimes she says things without thinking and can be quite impulsive and you will never be bored with Aliel around. If there is dirt or mud nearby, she’ll find it and will manage to lose the ribbons that Promi braids into her mane.


Ene is the most caring and thoughtful of the Zoonicorns. He likes his alone time and can be a bit timid, which means he doesn’t always stand up for himself. A happy guy who gets along with everyone, Ene is intelligent beyond his years and can handle big ideas. He is the Zoonicorns technology and magic guru. When his horn glows, he can project a screen in front of him where he can find all types of information and solve problems. Ene is a good listener and always tries his to make you feel better when you are sad or troubled. But he does get annoyed with everyone asking him to access information for them. Speaking of being annoyed, having to eat peas is the one thing that will bring this happy chap down; he would much rather fill his belly with string cheese.


Parent & Media Reviews

``From the moment I opened the box my granddaughter gasped. She quickly picked them all up and hugged them. I loved watching her hug them and wanting to ‘take care of them’.” - Night Helper

``The story teaches a simple life lesson and highlights the personalities of each Zoonicorn in the process. My kids really liked seeing and hearing the Zoonicorns come to life the first time we read the book together.” - Pretty Opinionated

``The Zoonicorn herd is ready for adventure in the enchanting world of your youngster’s imagination and keep them occupied for hours on end.” - Have Sippy Will Travel